Invest in a Mentor

Take control of your business.

Invest in a mentor and invest in yourself.

Coaching on the art of starting, growing and scaling your business.

What keeps you up at night?

Finances, UGH! Will I have enough money to meet payroll this week … are we charging enough or too much … how do we compare to industry benchmarks … how can I better understand my financials?

How can we grow revenue and maximize profit?

How can we plan for and survive another economic downturn?

Who can I trust to build our website & social media presence?

How do we stay current with technology for maximum efficiency without breaking the bank?

How do I make it “right” with a “wronged” customer?

How can I build and retain a great team?

Overcome your obstacles.

Work with an experienced professional who has walked in your shoes.

Let’s identify your starting point

Asking for help is not giving up control.

We’ll bring your ideas to life

Unleash the amazing ideas swirling inside your mind.

We’re not just sweet talking

Our team brings a powerhouse suite of sales & marketing tools to your business.

Grow your business

Strategy & leadership for sustainable growth.

Choose your starting point

Dip a toe in the water.


Let’s chat for 30-45 minutes so that I can learn about your business and see how we can help. In the meantime, click on the link on our services page and enjoy a PDF on how to maximize your marketing efforts.

Stay Afloat.

monthly fee
Includes an initial 60 minute “company overview” session plus two 1 hour coaching sessions via zoom or phone during the month. I will also include a couple of quick calls each month as needed.

Take a deeper dive.

per project & hourly fees
We’ll start by gathering the essential info we need to understand your business and your goals and then we will customize a proposal for moving forward. Remote and in-person options.

Go from good … to great!

Start-ups are special. If you’re starting out or thinking about it …

We can be your Lodestar*

*let us be your inspiration & guide.

Something to talk about.

Bill B.

Business owner

“Jody was my instructor years ago and when I knew I needed to grow my business, she was the obvious choice to serve as my guide and mentor. Over the last five years she has helped me in so many ways, starting with finding a fantastic commercial space for our kitchen and then helping me to grow my business ten fold!”

Sam G.


“I’ve known Jody for 20 years, and in that time we have commiserated as business owners and friends. She brought her considerable marketing prowess to the table for our company and a world of resources to grow our business.”

Suzi M.

Business owner

“Jody is a wonderful teacher and mentor, a great and focused listener and she explains things easily and with clarity. Jody has helped me immeasurably by taking the mystery and fear out of trying some of the new technology solutions available to small business. I can get so much more done in less time and I appreciate the extra hours I now have to be outdoors!”

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